nDzynes is the web development and consultation service of Nathan Parikh (that’s me!). Chicago is where I call home but I work with clients from all around the country and the world.  I’m also a Christian – web development is great, but it is Jesus that gives me meaning in life and business.

What I offer

Chances are, you’re looking at this page because you need a website. I could bore you with the technical stuff, but the question is why do you need a new website? I’ve never had someone come to me who wanted a website “just because”. There’s always a driving purpose behind the need for a website: more visitors, better sales, increased conversion rates, better influence, addition of value, etc. So yes, I do web development and consultation, but I understand that a new website isn’t the end goal – you need a solution to add value to your business or organization. My goal is to offer you a greater ROI than what your current site is giving you.

I’ve been doing this for a long time

Since 2004, I have been designing and developing websites (that’s roughly 47 internet years!). Things got serious in 2007 when I started working with Cory Miller on projects for clients, and soon after that I launched nDzynes. Since then I’ve worked on hundreds of client projects in three continents. So far so good.