Website Maintenance

If you want guaranteed accessibility to my development services for your website, simply choose a monthly retainer package below.

For a fixed fee you can hire me for a set number of hours every week. Retainer contracts run on a monthly basis. I use a time-tracking service to ensure accuracy and honesty in time measurement.


My WordPress Retainer Service is great for the small to midsize company because:

  • It’s cheaper and easier than hiring a full time employee
  • It’s ultra convenient to have a developer “on tap”
  • Availability via email, skype, or Google Hangout

Retainer and Contract Rates

  • 5 hours per week:   $375 per week
  • 10 hours per week: $650 per week
  • 20 hours per week: $1,100 per week


Weekly invoices on Thursday evenings, for immediate payment by Paypal or bank transfer. Any invoices not settled within 7 days will result in me temporarily stopping work until we sort things out.