Welcome to Version 3

I am pleased to finally release the newest version of nDzynes at the beginning of this first week of 2010. It still has some minor kinks, and there are still some features I plan on adding, but I was too excited to wait any longer. Most of the kinks will be seen if you’re using IE 6 (go figure) but those issues will be resolved shortly.

I have continued and expanded upon some design factors from the previous version – things like having a dark background, light effects, color-unique pages, etc. If you want to see the previous design, I have made the old site visible at http://v2.ndzynes.com

Probably the single biggest change is the logo. As my design skills, abilities, and understanding have progressed and grown much since I created the previous logo, I decided it was time to rebrand – something that wouldn’t be too difficult considering nDzynes is still a young growing business.

In 2009, the site had over 14,000 visitors, with the majority of that traffic going to my tutorial on how to make a featured content slider for your site – I was pleasantly surprised by all the positive response. Definitely a good year, but I plan on getting much more traffic in this new year, along with giving you more.

I would love to hear your feedback about the new design, so when you have a moment please head over to my contact page and share your thoughts.

Here’s to another great year!

~ Nathan Parikh

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